19 09 2012

Raingun was just featured on Indie Author Anonymous, here:

This is as good a time as any to announce that, starting in October 2012, Raingun will continue generating donations to fight scleroderma, to the tune of half its e-book royalties.

It’s just a trickle of money, but it’s worth mentioning as a cautionary tale. Back in June, I had a post talking about why I stopped my original arrangement. Basically, when you sell a product, and then make a public pledge to donate part or all of the generated revenue to a specific organization, you can create unintentional inconvenience for whatever organization you’re donating to. Some American states have regulations about such pledges, subjecting the organization to fees, audits, or other stuff that they don’t have time for.

So I’ve decided to continue the pledge to donate, but without mentioning any specific organization. In fact, I promise that these donations will go to more than one organization, neither of which I’ll name publicly. Each organization will be 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, to reassure the public that they are reputable nationwide nonprofit organizations who fight scleroderma (or provide aid to those suffering from it).