16 07 2013

Here is the link for the RAFFLE!!!


OK, down to business. I’ve already posted something describing the elves in my fantasy world (it would probably qualify as ribbing, actually, if the darn things actually existed…) But here’s the specific roles of a particular elves that appear in my series, The Talan Revolt

RAINGUN (Book 1)
The hero, Rick Rivoire, sees the abuse of an elven slave and attempts to help her. In the end, he is terribly disappointed on how little he is able to improve her situation. This happens the night after a battle in which he played a critical role in defending a city from an onslaught of undead monsters, during which he is being celebrated for his courage. These events make him question whether defending such a society is truly as heroic as he thought it was, and whether this is really what he should be doing.

Later in the story, Rick fights in a prolonged hit-and-run battle against elves in their native forest. They fight like Aztecs, with swords of wood and obsidian, wearing leather armor filled with rock salt. Unfortunately, they also have ritual magic at their disposal that makes survival difficult.

As I recall, no elves make an appearance here.

A powerful elven enchantress appears to Rick in a vampire’s lair, explaining that they share the vampire as a common enemy. She provides Rick with a lot of aid, but he’s suspicious of why she doesn’t seem to want anything in return.

OK, that’s it (or mostly it) for the elves.

I use orcs, and shallorians with much greater frequency. Neither of these races are good or evil at heart, but neither race has done very well under the rule of humans. They are mostly used for manual labor, or as cannon fodder. Orcs, with their thick skin as proof against insects and poisonous plants, are at home in the swamps that humanity doesn’t want; shallorians enjoy deep forests — sometimes coexisting with the elves, sometimes fighting them for territory.

The orcs didn’t always live near humans in large numbers, but they were driven off the plains by goblins who ride wolves. Orcs are poor at handling both horses and firearms, and are thus easy prey for goblin mounted archers.

Rick’s stepfather Leon Pristov, who is the mayor of his hometown, employs one orc (Targ) and one shallorian (Ragshaw) as “muscle”. They enjoyed bullying him as a child, and they don’t care for him much now either. While they enjoy arguing and insulting each other while in the company of others, they do enjoy the crude camaraderie of those who believe they’ve been screwed by a common oppressor (in this case, humanity). On at least one occasion, they’ve been observed drinking together and singing a song on that subject: “Whiskers and Tusks”.




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